Jayce Management Group (“JMG”) is a full service management company that advises athletes, music artists, reality tv personalities, authors, and a host of others in the entertainment and sports industry.  JMG is a company that encompasses a broad range of businesses, including: management, branding, consulting, marketing, and booking. JMG is dedicated to identifying and developing people in the entertainment and sports industry.

We craft a strategy for each client that encompasses their talent, attitude and ambition. After a plan is developed, we execute the strategy to ensure the client’s brand becomes a recognizable global competitive brand.  JMG uses mainstream media to accomplish the goals aligned with the client’s strategic plan.  We believe there is no “I” in “Team” and therefore we make sure the client is consulted every step of the way to combine the client’s vision with the plan to exploit the client’s talent to ensure the best way to reach the minds and hearts of the people. We develop marketing campaigns through TV & radio advertisements, web sites, banners, posters, postcards, t-shirts and digital media. From music to sports, JMG is a company that oversees the professional and personal goals of every client.